Friday, May 28, 2004


Osama Endorses Kerry

Listening to some Republicans over the last couple of days, I hear constant unchallenged claims that Osama Bin Laden would rather Kerry be elected than Bush.
Leaving aside that they would tar Kerry this way, let me point out this is very faulty reasoning. I think it's clear Osama Bin Laden would prefer Bush be elected. Of all the players in this war on terror, Osama Bin Laden has shown himself to be by far the best strategist. He has us right where he wants us now; in the Middle East, and in force, where he can kill us, and where we are making new enemies every day we're there.
The Trade Center attack, although I'm sure he never dreamed in his wildest imagination he could knock down both towers, was aimed directly at goading us into attacking him in Afghanistan, where he planned to do to us what he did to the Soviets. This was a major miscalculation on Bin Laden's part, but this incompetent administration rescued him from it, and invaded Iraq, where he can, indeed, attrite us and build his movement as long as we're there.
If he could also get us to invade Iran and Syria, so much the better. What fools these war hawks are! Osama does not want us out of Iraq, he wants us there dying everyday.
These are the same idiots who claimed everything would settle down when we caught Saddam, when a little thought would bring anyone to the conclusion that once Saddam was in jail, what do the Shi'ites need us for? I always thought the trouble would just begin after Saddam was confirmed dead or caught.
I'll tell you something, you really can't blame Osama Bin Laden for thinking God is on his side.
So yes, Queda may attack us before the elections, and for the purpose of influencing those elections. Because they're not stupid, and they really need Bush back in to keep us isolated from our allies and making enemies everywhere. And they know that an attack will favor Bush. At least that's what they think, although I wouldn't bet on it, myself.
Just a few thoughts.

Jimmy Hoffa Found?

Fox is announcing they may have discovered traces of Jimmy Hoffa's DNA at the site of his alleged murder. Who'd have thought they'd find Hoffa before they did Osama? Typical.

Thursday, May 27, 2004



Learning a few basics. Blog is set so anyone can comment, that way I can find out if anyone ever reads this. I'm going to try to leave a comment after this to see if it works. Also testing how to add links, and then to add links to the side, etc. Wish I knew html color codes...

This is a very handy link.
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Bill Cosby

I thought my first topical post would be about Bill Cosby, since he's taking so much flak. When I figure out how to make links, I'll link to the story about him, but for now, I'll just assume you know he said, "the low-income folks are just not holding up their end of the deal", and "they'll spend 500 dollars on sneakers and can't spend 200 bucks for hooked on phonics?"
He then went on to mock certain aspects of speech and behaviour common to certain young black folk.
Well, two things; first, he's right. It seems like for a lot of young black men, "I have a dream" means something different than it did to their parents; their dream is of the NBA or rap stardom, and - it ain't gonna happen. Fallback is an orange jumpsuit.
Leaving aside how I feel about the drug laws that put so many of them in prison, (they should all be abolished, along with the prescription racket that makes you pay twice for a drug you already know you need), you got to be able to do your thing without getting caught, or do the time.
Yeah, it's tragic and all that, but like I said, you got to live in the world you're born in.
And second, Bill Cosby has now officially become an Old Codger.
Welcome to the club, Bill. Yeah, you're right, and yeah, it's going to go right in one ear and out the other, because this damn generation just doesn't listen, they don't appreciate anything, and the world is going to hell in handbasket. Why, in my day...
Lighten up on Bill, folks. In fact, lighten up on all of us codgers you smart alecky bunch of punks. And pull your pants up, for crying out loud, you look like a god damn bum!


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Welcome to World Wide Whitney

I've been a fan of blogging for quite a while, and although I don't really have much confidence in my ability to keep this updated, I thought I would try it out for a while. Hope there's something you enjoy on this.
A. Whitney Brown

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